Penn Jillette: “Fuck You in the Neck” if You Say My Third-Party Vote is Wasted

Penn Jillette, Libertarian for Gary Johnson and the voice of world-famous magic duo Penn and Teller, has a message for people who want to tell you your third-party vote is wasted: “Fuck You in the Neck.”

This week on Penn’s fantastic podcast, “Penn’s Sunday School,” he made this excellent point:

When people say, “you’re wasting your vote,” all they are saying to you is “fuck you.” They’re saying, “you need to support what I believe, don’t support what you believe, you’re wasting your vote by not voting for what I believe.” So when anybody says to you, “if you vote for a third party candidate, you’re throwing away your vote,” your answer must be – two words, and not “Merry Christmas,” – they must be, “fuck you.” And if you want to do a more elaborate answer, and explain your position more, “fuck you in the neck,” is a way to make that clear.

So in honor of Penn Jillette, let me make something very clear: Sean Hannity, fuck you in the neck.

Clip from: Penn’s Sunday School, Episode 227: Ungrateful Wretch, or Whiny Loser?

5 thoughts on “Penn Jillette: “Fuck You in the Neck” if You Say My Third-Party Vote is Wasted

  1. I listened to this in hopes of learning why ‘that 3rd party vote is NOT wasted’ but was NOT given any information…. I’d still like t understand the thinking ~

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  2. I believe voting Independent is voicing my opinion.
    I’m a 33 year old gay man who makes less than 40K/year. I can’t afford to purchase my representatives or go and join protests.

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  3. Because we do not directly vote for the POTUS, a third party vote may be the most effective option. Where I live, Trump will will the state’s electoral votes unless something totally unforeseen makes it possible for HRC to win. A third-party vote under circumstances were one candidate is sure to win will validate the notion that we need to reform the electoral system, lead to the inclusion of third parties in the pre-election debates, and may eventually lead to ballot access for multiple parties in all states.

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  4. Donald took Vladimir fishing, but didn’t bring any fishing poles. Vladimir asked “Where’s the poles?”Donald answered: “I’ve never fished before, but I’m gonna be such a great fisherman, really great, and besides I’m rich!” When they got out into the middle of the lake Donald opened a box and took out a stick of dynamite, lit it and tossed it out into the lake. KA-BOOM! Then he started collecting the fish. “Vat the hell?” Asked Vladimr. Donald handed him a stick of dynamite and said ..”Partner You gonna talk or you gonna fish?
    Its your vote Penn, you get to use it any which way you want to, meanwhile, ummmmm, thought you might wanna know, there is a dude throwing dynamite over here, help!

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