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Rand Paul Destroys Donald Trump among Glenn Beck’s Audience

Glenn Beck’s been doing a running presidential poll of his audience on a monthly basis for a little over 6 months now, and it seems that one thing is clear: Unlike the audiences of Limbaugh and Hannity, Beck’s audience are actually policy wonks who care more about freedom than about political buzz or fighting back against political correctness with empty platitudes.

In the most recent polling done of Glenn’s audience, a surprising disparity between Beck’s listeners and much of the Republican party becomes clear: They really don’t like Donald Trump that much. Even more surprising, they actually like Rand Paul quite a lot, with Paul placing very-nearly second place in the poll.

Is Glenn Beck’s audience the most rational – or even the most Libertarian – audience in the right-wing talk show sphere? Looking at the results, one could make that argument:

1. Ted Cruz – A (95.97)
2. Ben Carson – B (84.07)
3. Rand Paul – B (83.98)
4. Marco Rubio – B-
5. Carly Fiorina – B-
6. Rick Santorum – C
7. Chris Christie – C
8. Donald Trump – D+
9. Mike huckabee – D+
10. Jeb Bush – D-
11. John Kasich – F+
12. George Pataki – F+
13. Jim Gilmore – F
14. Lindsey Graham – F

The minimum score for this poll is an F (55), and the best score is an A+ (100). In an interesting twist compared to traditional “Who would you vote for” polling, participants in this poll are free to score each candidate on a sliding scale from F to A+, including any letter grade in between.

On a traditional grading scale, Donald Trump’s D+ falls somewhere in the range of 67 points to 69.99 points, meaning he scored less than 15 points higher than the poll’s biggest loser, Lindsey Graham.

Even more interesting, Rand Paul’s 83.98 puts him at roughly double the support Trump gets among this audience.

For clarity’s sake, let’s just subtract the 55-point minimum from the results, leaving just the 45-point margin tracked in the scores. Lindsey Graham would be left with less than 2 points, and Donald Trump has between 13 and 15 points. Meanwhile, Rand is left with a strong 29 points (28.98), essentially double what Trump has.

Of course, the clear audience favorite is Ted Cruz, commanding a respectable 40 out of the possible 45 points. Cruz has some policies I may not agree with, but so does Rand, even though I support him for the presidential nomination. I can’t deny, however, that having Rand in a virtual tie for second behind Cruz and absolutely destroying Trump in this unscientific poll of Glenn’s audience makes me absolutely giddy.

Watch the full reveal of the poll results below:


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